Welcome To Mind Gear

For the past 30 years Mind Gear has been a World leader in the design, manufacture & marketing of audio-visual stimulation devices… AVS for short.

Now, we are leading the industry into the modern mobile world by offering the world’s first and only completely wireless AVS System

Our 14th generation,  mindLightz™ System represents a breakthrough in size, portability and price...while simultaneously greatly increasing the power, flexibility, and convenience of this "State of the Art" device.

By developing a free, powerful and elegant iOS App using the latest mobile Bluetooth technologies, we were able to reimagine, redesign and miniaturize our electronics to fit inside a custom pair of LiteFrames.

The result – the Planet’s first untethered, untangled and wireless Bluetooth AVS “Platform”

Each wireless mindLightz™ System includes a pair of BT ColorMatrix RGB Liteframes with an interchangeable headband & a USB recharging cable all packaged in a convenient eyewear carrying case.

While optional, we highly recommended using BT Stereo headphones for a truly wireless AVS experience. 

Users simply download our free "mindLightz" App to their mobile device to turn their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a "Leading Edge" AVS System.

Downloadthe FREE mindLightz™ App now!


Compatible Apple devices include: 

iPhone 4S or newer 

iPad 3 or newer - All versions (Retina, Air, Wifi, Cellular etc)

iPad Minis - All versions (Retina, Air, Wifi, Cellular etc)

5th generation iPod Touch or newer  

        Android Coming Dec2020

        By using the Supercomputer in your pocket, with a powerful, convenient and easy to use mobile App, We're able to offer an unsurpassed price performance AVS Systems and the world's only completely wireless mobile platform.

        Download the FREE mindLightz™ App now!






        Here’s a “tongue in cheek” video trailer we made to celebrate our launch.