The mindLightz™ App

By combining the "Supercomputer" in your pocket, with a powerful and convenient mobile App, we've been able to design and deliver the world's only completely wireless AVS System at an unbeatable VALUE!

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The mindLightz™ AVS App (previously named iLightz) is the most advanced and user friendly platform for transforming your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a state of the art "light and sound" machine. 

This free App is, by itself, a Deluxe "Audio Mixer" allowing the user to combine and individually adjust the volume levels of our precisely produced binaural sounds or isochronic tones with any of 25 built-in ambient sound effects "mixed" with any audio file from your library or from your favorite streaming service! These capabilities alone make this App one of the very best and most versatile binaural sound generator Apps available today. Completely Free and without any annoying pop-up Ads!

With the purchase of our mindLightz™ ColorMatrix LiteFrames, users can experience the Planet's first completely wireless "Audio-Visual Stimulation" (AVS) system. By utilizing the power of Apple’s iOS, we have been able to simplify the user interface while delivering exciting new features and producing the most convenient and sophisticated AVS system available today. 

The mindLightz™ App includes 84 unique preset programs designed to help users achieve different states of consciousness or brain-states. Each sessions comes with a graph depicting the flash frequency vs. time (see screen shot below). Additionally, our "manual" mode allows you to easily create your own custom settings.

Finally, we would like to ask all our users to please contact us first before leaving any negative reviews. Leaving a one star rating with a review only stating "App does not work" provides us no meaningful feedback or any way to investigate what maybe wrong. Plus, we have no idea who you are and therefore cannot reach out to provide any help.

So, if you find a bug, or are having problems with our optional hardware, PLEASE contact us first. We take all problems, issues and suggestions seriously and will make things right, especially if it involves our iLightz II or mindLightz™ AVS hardware.

Thanks for your help, understanding and continued support!

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