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I will begin THIS review as I ended my last review of another AVS Competitor Device on my last update on their device. With my wife, with George at mindLights system and Robert at Mindplace, I am no longer alone. Life isn't so bad after all.....

I need to write the review THIS device deserves. I never just "toss out" 5 star reviews or pander for free stuff in exchange for reviews. Even left the Amazon Vine Program as a top reviewer because of the stigma I feel it brings to the review process. I am in the middle of surgical procedures at the moment so this review has to wait. But, before I go under and in case it goes as badly as my last surgeries did and this time don't make it back, I OWE this product at least a summation until well enough to write the review it deserves.

From the cheapest to the best NovaPro from PhotoSonix I bought, to the Kasina to this and EVERYTHING in between including HeartMath products and each and EVERY product from Wild Divine at FULL price, I came away with 2 products that for ME, stand alone. THIS Mind Gear's mindLightz Wireless Mind Machine & AVS System for iOS Mobile Devices from Mind Gear and my Kasina. I thinks each of these 2 products offer a similar yet different experience and if this device ever finds it's way into Android, I feel it would pull quite a bit ahead in points (for ME without an iPhone but using my heavy and clunky old iPad 4) anyway. I am unsure I can see my life without BOTH to be honest. They have become part of my life, my family, my spirit. So have the owners of BOTH of these companies. And before I am physically able to complete the review in full for this product, know something about George, here at mindLights. He had read my review here at Amazon on the Kasina and contacted me by email. He offered this to me and UNSOLICITED, NEVER asking me to even review it but just wanting to reach out to help me in any way he may be able, he sent me this and added glasses, headphones, ALL 100% WIRELESS Bluetooth etc. and he paid for OVERNIGHT WEEKEND SHIPPING! All 100% FREE to me and I never asked for a single thing....

The amount of endless customization this offers to easily create your OWN programs and tinker is as valuable as owning the product itself. I told him in all honestly I thought the part of being "wireless" would be meaningless to ME. I just thought it really was no big deal. Well I was 100% wrong. It IS a big deal, a really big deal once I used it with all the freedom. And the biggest thing I LOVED was this new sense of the entire experience coming to me without being tethered to anything. It does make a difference. I promise I will try my very best to write a more informative review when and if able to heal from my current set of surgeries and complication they are bringing. But you need to KNOW the caliber of people like this who reach out unsolicited, who make genuine gestures out of kindness and compassion to help others. George who owns this company is a true pioneer of this technology as well. It stands to reason HE is first to also breakthrough the barrier of getting rid of the wires.....

George, who calls himself chiefthinker at mind gear is just that. A genius with a big heart. He is a creator. He has helped ME create a moment or two of peace from the chaos and pain that is my life now. I hope I live to discover a way I can pay HIM back without his asking. In the meantime I can only say THANK YOU George.

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This is easily the most-used app on my iPhone. The wireless glasses, together with the mindLightz app, give me the best meditation system I have ever owned - and I've owned another for 5 years. In addition, since this is a LIGHT "machine" and program, you provide your own music ... and in my case, I use hypnosis CDs that I've transferred to my phone. A completely wireless system that I can use anywhere, no wires grabbing onto other things and causing grief. I'm extremely impressed with all the different programs of differing lengths, the ability to add "sound effects" (gurgling water, lightening, seashore, and many others) that help to drown out exterior noises and distractions. There are even more features that I haven't yet explored as I'm happy with my present settings. It is an investment, but if you are trying to quiet your life, enhance your relaxation, or make self-improvements, I think this is well worth the money.
So that's my product review ... and if I could add another five stars for customer service, I would. I had a bit of trouble with the glasses at first, and it literally took MINUTES for customer service to respond to my email. With that issue corrected, I have been welcomed to ask further questions and get assistance when I needed it. How could you NOT be impressed with a company that treats its customers this way - a rarity in today's marketplace! Thank you, Mind Gear!
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