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The Zen Master CD Player incorporates the advanced features found in our best selling PR-2X model tucked neatly inside a personal CD player, creating a convenient and easy to use mind machine! No more unwieldy cables to connect, no more having to carry around two different devices, just a portable CD player playing your favorite sounds combined with the power and features of the PR-2X all running on two AA batteries! Just look at the features included in the Zen Master CD Player:

  • The Zen Master is a normal CD player complete with track programming capabilities, 15 second electronic skip protection and recharging capabilities when using rechargeable batteries (AC power supply included).
  • A full featured L/S machine with 50 built-in light & sound sessions (like having a complete PR-2X system).
  • Includes our 5 proprietary "Autopilot" algorithms for generating an unlimited number of unique L/S sessions. Each "Autopilot" program targets a different brain wave state (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta & Super-Beta: AKA Gamma). This gives you the ability to store up to 25 additional Autopilot generated programs (5 per frequency range) for a system total of 75 programs.
  • Time adjustment, allowing you to control the time of any program from 5 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Complete Manual control including the pulse width or duty cycle from 10%-90%
  • Exclusive Sparkle feature, another Mind Gear, Inc. innovation providing stunning visuals (and better entrainment) by controlling and changing the duty cycle in three distinctive patterns.
  •  Personal Preference Program (PPP) allows you to store your favorite settings on the Zen Master L/S System.
  • A FULL frequency range of .5Hz to 40Hz.
  •  Six unique stimulation modes.
  • Outstanding Binaural Sound synchronized with the lights.
  • Comes with one pair of our New  Deluxe 2.0 Lightframes with Tru-White Light LED's (one of our competitors charges $99 just for a pair of White LED Lightframes). Please note these glasses include our exclusive in-line "brightness" control for easy adjustment during a session.
  • Quality Stereo Headphones.
  • 60 Day Parts and Labor limited warranty.

  • Please Note: Using our Turbosonix or other "light encoded" audio CD's with this product is not recommended. The electronic skip protection detects the light encoding turning it into an undesireable tone.